Vedera - Stages - Release Date - October 6, 2009 - screamingrecords
The Kansas City band formerly known as Veda have changed more than just their name since their 2004 debut studio album, "This Broken City". The debut and the sophomore effort that followed had a real indie grit to them. This is the third studio album and the transformation from indie pop to mainstream pop is just about complete. "Stages" is somewhat softer and more melodramatic. There is an atmospheric quality to it instrumentally. Lead vocalist, Kristen May's voice, however, remains this band's bread and butter. The range and clarity of her voice is going to be what sets them apart from other female fronted rock/pop bands. This album, although it really showcases their pop culture metamorphosis, is more about the band's maturing and not so much about selling out or whathaveyou. There is still a unique charm and depth to this band's work.


Past Works:
This Broken City
The Weight Of An Empty Room


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